March 31, 2023

As many have uttered many times over, the Ferrari 288 GTO was a game-changer, not just for the Italian marque but for the supercar genre as a whole. Built from 1984-1986 in 272 units as a homologation car, the GTO sold out before production began.

This meant it didn’t matter when the FIA changed Group B’s regulations, and it couldn’t compete – instead it left a legacy behind it that very quickly became the Ferrari F40 and with it a new breed of supercars.

Nowadays, it looks like a classic cruiser more than a bruiser but don’t get fooled by its relatively-subtle lines – it can still throw a punch. If it did have a more direct successor it would need a fresh new look and HotCars render artist Rostislav Prokop imagines this exclusive render for a view into an alternate timeline where the GTO returns.

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A Modern Successor To The Ferrari 288 GTO In 2023

Ferrari 288 GTO render, front quarter view

HotCars Photo © 2023 Valnet

There are Ferrari restomods and then there are unofficial new production concepts like this one – which benefits from a sharp-looking and plausible design.

Ferrari used to offer the GTO in any color ‘As long as it is in red’ but this 288 comes in a gun-metal gray color, always a good shade for a Maranello special. In this render package, the original-looking design soon gives up its ancestor’s secrets.

Aficionados will recognize the long hood and straight leading edge, and under the front lip sits the familiar dual auxiliary headlamps on each side, though the main lights are all LEDs here with a new curving DRL design framing the main lamps.

Other spiritual inspiration comes in the form of the iconic inlets and scoops at the side rear quarter, this time with a large new inlet ahead of the rear wheels – the 1983 GTO’s memorable shark-gill vents get swapped for a modern-looking rear-facing vent.

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How Much Is A Ferrari 288 GTO In 2023?

Ferrari 288 GTO render, rear profile view

HotCars Photo © 2023 Valnet

Up back, a vented rear engine cover and the classic rear lights and ‘GTO’ badge show off the car’s ancestry, with a new grill section on the rear board, a diffuser and big dual exhaust outlets.

It’s perhaps a good choice to leave the modern GTO relatively-restrained while keeping the design motorsport inspired, leaning towards a function-over form kind of philosophy.

Back in the day, the GTO would hit 60 mph in 5 seconds and a top speed of 190 mph. This new car would undoubtedly be a hybrid, with a dual clutch transmission – it would likely come engineered to make more than the 820-hp output of the 296 GTB too – perhaps closer to 1000 hp.

Returning to the GTO (not the original 250 GTO which was in fact the spiritual predecessor to the 288 GTO). As only 272 examples of the Ferrari 288 GTO got made there are presumably less now, though the remaining examples are valuable and probably kept safely tucked away.

If 50% are still around there would be 136 GTOs in circulation. If 75% survived there would be 204.

Start saving up now, too – a Ferrari 288 GTO in 2023 is worth an average of $3.4 million according to

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